Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OCT 31st

Halloween!!! I didn't dress up but I did my makeup a little crazy, just for fun. It was great to see all the tricker-treaters. Its been a while since I've been able to give out candy. I enjoyed it. FHE that night was a total bust. 3 people came and no one stayed long. Oh well.

OCT 30th

I needed a picture with my buddy KC. He is such a funny cat. I got down on the floor to play with him by the fire. I am also wearing my favorite dress. Its super comfy.

OCT 29th

I wanted to take a different picture for fun. I really like these shoes and I really like wearing black polish on my toes. I just found out the other day that when the top of your toes show like this in your shoes, its call toe cleavage. Hilarious!

OCT 28th

I had a ward halloween party so I decided to dress up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I had a lot of fun with it. I got the dress at Goodwill, and made the necklace. Tights came from mom's drawer, earrings and bracelets were mine already, shoes came from walmart, and the gloves were Great Grandmas. The tiara and WIG, yes thats not my hair, came from bartz's.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OCT 27th

I am really excited about my awesome Goodwill buy. I hadn't taken any pictures in my bedroom so I thought I would at least get one in.

OCT 26th

I finally finished my pearl pumpkin! It was rather labor intensive because I had to paint it multiple times to get the darker orange from showing through. I also had to glue the pearls to the pins so they didn't fall off. I really like the way it turned out so I don't mind the work.

OCT 25th

Just chilling on the couch. I didn't want to bust out the camera so I just used my computer.

OCT 24th

For FHE we carved pumpkins! Yay! I love doing this.. so I had fun. I found a pumpkin online I wanted to do, and printed it out, the drew it on. I really like the way my haunted house turned out. I look a little to happy to be using a knife. haha

OCT 23rd

Couple reasons for this odd picture. We updated the shrine to Emmitt on Grandma's wall. And I wore my skirt the whole day. It was unseasonably warm and I was too warm to put my jeans on. We cleaned up the house, and mom and I went through a bunch of things at the house and so needless to say I was wishing for shorts and a tee shirt by the end of the day. :)

OCT 22nd

Mom, Dad, & I went to Michigan to spend time with Grandma Burklow. She got put on Hospice. Her kidneys are shutting down. I dont want to lose her but she has lived a good long life and I know she is tired.

OCT 21st

Allie came over to borrow stuff for dressing up as a cowgirl for a halloween party. We got on photobooth on my computer and goofed off. This one was cute of us. She is such a sweet girl. I sometimes can hardly believe that I've known her all of her life. They are the best neighbors ever.

OCT 20th

This is one of my favorite chill outfits.