Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review 14: Half-Blood

14: Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout
281 Pages  Finished 2/15/13

Main Characters: Alex (Alexandria), Aiden, Seth & Caleb
Sequel: Pure

Girl warrior with scary destiny falls for the one guys she cant be with. But they fall for each other anyway.  He trains he because she is behind since her mom tried to save her by runny away. But her mother gets turned into a Vampire.   Pretty good story. One plot twist.

Book Review 13: The Dark Unwinding

13: The Dark Unwinding - Sharon Cameron
318 Pages Finished 2/12/12

Main Characters: Katharine, Uncle Tully, Lane & Ben

Katharine goes to the country to her Uncles estate to find proof that he is crazy.  He actually has what I would diagnose as High Functioning Autism.  He is a brilliant inventor and his factory and inventions supports an entire town.  She walls in love with the place and Lane.  A guy that helps take care of her Uncle.  Ben is a crazy guy who tries to kill her.  She ends up finding out that she is the heir to the estate.  Great story, a little steampunk, and well written.

Book Review 12: I am Number Four

12. I am Number Four - Pittacus Lore
440 Pages  Finished 2/5/13

Main Characters: John(4) Henri, Sarah, Sam, & Bernie Kosar (alien dog)
Sequel: The power of Six

I had seen the movie version of this before I read it but the book was great.  A group of nine Lorien children and their nine caretakers escape from their planet as it is overtaken by the evil Mogadorians.  They come to Earth.  The Kids have superpowers that develop as they get older.  This story is about number 4.  His name in the book is John. (they change their names when they go to different places) It's cleverly written and there's a great love story too.  The bad guys come after them and he manages to survive. His "father" Henri dies in the battle.  Pittacus Lore is the leader of their planet... he supposedly wrote this book. (clever device)

Book Review 11: Beast

11. Beast: Donna Jo Napoli
294 Pages  Finished 1/30/13

Main Characters: Orasmyn  & Belle

Beauty and the Beast told from the Beast's perspective.  Also told with the Beast as a persian Prince. He sacrifices a camel that was blemished and gets turned into a lion by a fairy as punishment.  He travels to india for a while then to France to try to break the spell.  Meets Belle; haping ending ensues.  Quick read.  Interesting perspective and voice.

Book review 10 Glimmerglass

10. Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
294 pages. Finished 1/29/13

Main Characters: Dana, Ethan & Kimber
Sequal: Shadowspell

A Fae story. Also a real cautionary tale of being careful of what you wish for.  Girl with Alcoholic mother runs away to Avalon to find her father but ends up getting kidnapped twice when she gets there because of her dad's political position. Its definitely the set-up for a series. She meets a guy that she believes is way out of her league and thinks he only likes her for her "power." She discovers that she has a rare ability to see the human and fae worlds at the same time.  People want to use her for this ability.