Saturday, November 24, 2012


My mom and I have been down in Indiana for the last week and a half.  My aunt and uncle were in a really bad car wreck and needed some help so we came down.  The weather was amazingly lovely so I took advantage of it and went out and took a bunch of pictures.   These were ones that I really liked out of the pictures I have shot. My doggy friend is Buddy.
 Night moon
 Center lake Lion
 I threw an acorn in the water for this shot
 How is there still a dandelion still "alive"
 Awesome reflections in the lake
 For Megan!!
 perfect fall reflection
 Nature Encroaching
 One Lone Leaf
 Shattered stick
 Me and my Buddy
 lowered vibrance on swingset
 Red berries
 The lake

 Loved this fallen log with the vine growing over it
 awesome blending
 Purple flower still living
 ripple in the water
 rope in sepia tone
 swing with intense color
 swing with muted color
 the woods
wild grasses.