Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review 9

9. Enchanted - Alethea Kontis
305 Pages  Finished 1-28-13
Main Character: Sunday & Rumbold

Great fairytale. Actually a jumble of fairytales.  Main girl, Sunday befriends a frog - actually a prince, Rumbold.  After she kisses him he turns back into himself he throws 3 balls so he can win her over as a man.  her sister, Monday is the Princess & the pea.  Thursday is the Pirate Queen. Her brother is Jack in the beanstalk. Sunday is also Cinderella.  Super cute and well written.  No sequel.
I highly recommend this book!

Book Review 8

8.  Devil's Kiss - Sarwat Chadda
327 pages Finished 1-24-13
Main Characters: Billi & Kay

Bit of a disappointment. About a female templar knight. But they fight the unholy - demon's basically.  they guy she loves sacrifices his life and & soul for her and all of the 1st born of London. If there were a second book I wouldn't read it.  I don't like sad books.

Book Review 7

7. Falling Under - Gwen Hayes
324 pages  Finished 1-22-13
Main Characters - Theia & Haden
Book 2: Dreaming Awake
Started off really strangely. Had two perspectives, though mostly told by Theia.  Paranormal. Main guy, Haden is half demon. But of course want to be good for Theia.  Haden's mother is the dream demon.  She's really bad. They fall in love.
I would recommend this book.

Book Review 6

Obsidian: A Lux Novel  Jennifer Armentrout
334 pages  Finished 1-20-13
Main Characters: Katy, Daemon & Dee
Book 2: Onyx
Alien Novel.  I like how spunky the pain character, Katy, is. Plus she loves to read and she's the reason I thought to post my book log online, because she does. Its really a love story between Kat & Daemon but also about Kat moving on, making new friends, and finding herself.  I would LOVE this book if it wasn't for the bad language.
I wouldn't recommend this for teenagers.  Ok for adults.

Book Review 5

5. Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep
359 Pages  Finished 1-19-13
Main Characters: Gwen Frost Daphne, Carson & Logan.
Book 2: Kiss of Frost
Ok mythology based book.  Good voice, sounds like a teenager talking.  Some foul language & inapropriate references to drinking, drugs, & sex. Could've done without all of that.  Points for use of the word, Froufrou. Cool device - She can see the history of objects she touches.  She goes to a school where everyone is a warrior from some group of ancient warriors.  There are Trojans, Spartans, Amazons, and even some samurai.  But Gwen is different. She becomes friends with Daphne and Carson and falls for Logan. Good story.
Slight recommendation.

Book Review 4

4.  Throne of Glass - Sarah J Maas
404 pages  Finished 1-16-13
Main Characters - Celaena, Dorian, & Chaol
Book 2: Crown of Midnight
Excellent Fantasy. Well written, great grammar.  Light cursing that I could have done without but not too bad.  They all have crazy names but they are at least all crazy.  I would read this one again.
Calaena is an assassin that is released from a horrible prison to be entered in a contest to be the king's champion.  She doesn't want to go back to the cave prison so she agrees. She gets close to the captain of the guard that trains her.  And the prince.
I recommend this one.

Book Review 3

3. Talents - Inara Scott
293 Pages  Finished 1-12-13
Main Characters - Dancia (no idea how to pronounce), Jack & Cam.

Pretty good book. I really liked that the girl picks the good guy over the bad boy.  Its a good book but I don't know that I really need to read the sequel. Dancia has the ability to make things happen and does when someone is in trouble.  She gets a scholarship to a private academy called Delacroix.  She meets two boys there, Jack - a troublemaker and Cam - the good boy.  They both like her.  As I previously said she picks the good one.  My other thought was that she has some odd attachment issues.
I wouldn't read this one again. So I wouldn't recommend this book.

Book Review 2

2. Amber House - Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, & Larkin Reed
349 Pages   Finished 1-8-13
Main Characters - Sarah, Jackson, & Sam
Part 1 of 3 Book 2 - Neverwas
Great paranoralish novel!  Like nothing I've ever read, deliciously creepy in some places.
After going to her grandmother's funeral Sarah meets Jackson and they become friends while checking out her families ancestral home called Amber House.  Her brother Sam has Autism. Her parents are in the process of a divorce.  She discovers an ability to "see" the past lives of the women that lived in Amber House.  It has a amazing twist that I wouldn't spoil for anyone reading this for the wide world!
I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

Book Review 1

1. The Unnaturalists - Tiffany Trent
305 pages  Finished 1-6-13
Main Characters - Syrus, Bayne & Vespa
Pretty good Steam-punk novel.  Left unfinished in my Opinion.
Takes place in Victorian London.  But of course its different.  Its about Vespa, a girl that helps her father out at a museum for Unnaturals.  Unnaturals are things like pixies, and monsters. She is fascinated with the work.  Syrus is a tinker, his family is into working with "machines." They end up joining forces to overcome an evil group thats exploiting people, but in a much more devious way. They use the unnaturals to power their machines.